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250 Anaconda Way
Bridgewater, Virginia 22812

(540) 828-6231

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Ashby Recreation Association is a member’s only  pool that strives to be the friendliest summer recreation facility offering the most entertainment opportunities for families in Bridgewater and the surrounding community.

Ashby Recreation Association is a
fun and friendly, family-focused pool at a great value.

Family memberships encompass two adults and up to six children living at one home (and/or in college full-time).

There will be a $15 charge per additional child per year for families with more than 6 children.

To list more than two adults (over 23 yrs of age) on a membership there will be a $50 charge per adult per year and proof of residency will be requested.

Senior memberships are limited to a husband and a wife, one of whom must be 65 (sixty-five) years of age, or older.

Single adult memberships are limited to a person 18 (eighteen) years of age, or older. One summer trial options follow the same criteria listed above.

Grandparent Rider - A "Grandparent Rider" can be added to a Family Membership. This allows the family to add up to 2 grandparents. The grandparents are not full family members, however grandparents listed on the rider can come to the pool an unlimited number of times throughout the season if they are accompanied by a family member. They will not be permitted to come to the pool unaccompanied by a family member.

Thank you for your interest in Ashby Recreation Association. If you have any questions not answered on this page, please Contact Us.

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